12 Holiday Gift Ideas for Gardeners

We’re now into early November, which is about that time of the year when I start my holiday gift lists. In my household, this means we are starting to refresh and update our personal Amazon wishlists to make it easier on everyone when trying to decide what to get for each other. It sounds so matter of fact, but we all love doing it this way since it virtually eliminates “secret” returns and keeps our white elephant gift stockpile to a minimum. 

If you’ve got a gardener or urban farmer in your life, here are a few ideas for unique gifts that are currently on my wishlist. 

1. Hori Hori Gardening Knife

This is at the top of my wishlist. It's a multipurpose gardening tool, with a serrated edge and sheath, that's useful for weeding, digging and measuring soil depth. This particular one from is made of stainless steel from a manufacturer in Japan.

2. Folding Garden Kneeler and Bench

Gardeners usually find themselves needing to work close to the ground, so this multi-use kneeler/bench is a knee and back saver. Any gardener would appreciate having this handy as they're planting their veggies and flower beds. This version also include handy pockets on the side to store tools, gloves, and seeds.

3. Container Gardening Complete

Jessica Walliser has put together a fantastic guide to container gardening with creative ideas and super helpful tips for gardeners of any skill level. This is a great idea for gardeners who have limited growing space.

4. High Performance Gardening Gloves

Most gardeners are probably working with a pair of well-worn, dirt-laden gardening gloves. Gifting gardening gloves is like gifting socks. You don't think you need them until someone gifts them to you! These ones are also touchscreen compatible, so they can easily insta their garden successes.

5. Gardening Caddy & Organizer

Gardeners need multiple tools while gardening. It's hard to lug them all around with you while you're working around the yard, and it's easy to leave one somewhere making it hard to find when you need it. This set includes everything you need and seriously more! There's a fabric caddy with handle, a bunch of tools that would be great for a starter gardener or just to have extra back up tools, and an apron that also holds supplies. I may just buy this one myself so I can start using this now.

6. Gardening Shears

Gardening sheers, scissors, trimmers, etc... are a MUST for all gardeners. Multiple pairs even. I know I'm always leaving mine out in the elements, using them until they are dull and needing different sized blades for different plants. Seriously, I can never have too many garden scissors. I love these ones from Barebones because they are well made and well designed.

Fabric Grow Bags

Grow bags are the new terra cotta pots. Not really, but these grow bags have taken the gardening world by storm as an effective way to grow healthy, luscious plants in pots. The aeration that the fabric materials provides encourages a strong root system, and when not in use, the bags fold up easily for storage, since they are made of fabric. I find these so useful and have ordered these twice already. This great starter set includes 3 different sizes with 2 of each size.

AeroGarden Indoor Grow Kit

With first frost dates upon us, most gardeners are starting to prepare their outside gardens for Winter. Most plants will die off in the cold weather and I definitely miss having access to fresh picked herbs and veggies. Someone please get me this indoor grow kit by AeroGarden! This particular version is a hydroponics system, so you don't need to bring soil indoors! Includes a full spectrum LED light panel, pre-seeded herb pods, and a digital panel that will remind you to water and add nutrients.

Mini Greenhouse

A greenhouse is also a welcomed gift for a gardener, especially in the winter time. Gifting a full size greenhouse probably isn't very practical, but a mini greenhouse is perfect. They can fit it over a planting bed to extend the life of existing plants or use it to start and store seedlings before Spring.

Self Watering Planters

In gardening, watering the right amount at the right time is so important. It's also part of the constant, sometimes daily, maintenance needed to see plants thrive. Self watering planters can save a gardener so much time. This 3 pack of self-watering planters would be a much appreciated gift by any gardener.

Root, Nurture, Grow: The Essential Guide to Propagating and Sharing Houseplants

A new book that just released this past October - not only is it filled with beautiful pictures of potted houseplants, it also contains everything you need to know about rooting, cutting, and cultivating all kinds of houseplants.

Soil pH and Moisture Tester

A soil tester makes it easy to test your soil's pH, moisture, and light level. A perfect stocking stuffer that will give your gardener loved one a leg up come Spring.

Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit

A super fun activity for even the novice gardener. Who wouldn't want fresh mushrooms grown right at home?

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