Garden Diaries: Early September 2018

In an effort to be better with documenting what I’m doing in the garden, when things are planted, and how the different plants perform, here’s a run down of happenings in the backyard over the last week.
lemon cucumbers
The last of this season's lemon cucumbers
09.01.18   Did some yard clean up around the raised garden beds. Pulled out the purple krim tomatoes. This was my first time trying to grow them this past Spring/Summer and they did not put out much fruit for some reason. The few I harvested were delicious though! Also pulled out the lemon cucumber plants – all 6 of them! I don’t know what I was thinking planting that many. We had way more fruit that we knew what to do with, but they were really prolific and such a unique shape and size, so I’m going to save those seeds and plant again (but fewer) next spring. 
09.02.18   Started a few seeds for Fall. Purple cauliflower, spinach, brussels sprouts, and scarlet kale all went into seed starter trays. Will keep them outside since it’s still warm and I don’t really have room to keep them indoors at the moment. A post on how to start seeds in just a few steps is coming up next! I also stuck a bunch of dragon tongue bean seeds right in the ground.
09.06.18   Noticed that the Black Cobra Pepper plant that we moved to make room for the chicken coop is starting put out fruit! I love this plant and I hope it never dies. It’s stuck with me for 3 years now and even survived being dug up from a spot in the ground that it had been in for 2 years. 

09.08.18   Seeing some sprouts coming through! A few of each of the seeds in the starter trays have poked through the soil and all of the dragon tongue beans are showing their first leaves. I’m so excited for these beans!!

09.11.18   Skipped my morning run to try to get a few things done in the garden before leaving for work – stuff I couldn’t get to this past weekend. Soaked a ginger root that had a bunch of eye buds and planted it in a big container that I had cleaned up over the weekend. Added some chicken compost, worm castings and vermiculite to the soil to restock nutrients and increase aeration. The earthworm castings that works really for me is the Wiggle Worm Soil Builder, which Amazon usually has for Prime. 

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